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About Us

In the heart of Saudi Arabia, Wamest Solar, a partnership between Wamest Company and Izzat Marji Group. Wamest Solar is specialized in providing Renewable Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency Services. Its worth mentioning that Izzat Marji Group was established in Jordan in 1985.

Until this moment, Izzat Marji Group has executed more than 250 solar projects in Jordan, Dubai and Kuwait along with its daughter company; IMG Solar totaling at over 30MWp in its pipelines. Additionally, it has provided full energy solutions for the commercial and industrial sectors, to help them optimize their energy performance and cut their costs, in order to support them to increase their profitability.



Projects Number

30,000 kWp

Total Capacity

30,932 Ton/Year

CO2 Emissions Avoided

47,400,000 SR

Annual Savings

Wamest Solar